FINRA Arbitration Orlando, Florida

FINRA stands for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. It is an organization that oversees the securities industry. The organizations primary function is to protect investors and does so by subjecting traders to a set of rules and regulations. Enforcing rules and subjecting violators to punishment is what takes place after the detection of any wrongdoing. Educating the public is a primary function as well, as the best way to reduce the impact disputes have, is to avoid them altogether. Being that we live in an imperfect world and trade in an imperfect marketplace, disputes are inevitable. Once a dispute ensues, FINRA’s forum handles the overwhelming majority of arbitration’s and mediation’s with locations in all 50 states as well as in the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.

Since practically all disputes in this industry pass through the hands of FINRA, it is important to retain an attorney that is knowledgeable, experienced and tested when it comes to FINRA regulations, procedural nuances and formal hearings. While resolving a security complaint doesn’t necessarilly require you to have an attorney, if you are seeking a beneficial outcome, it is in your best interest. Brokerage firms will be represented by an attorney which is why you need to come represented as well. The attorneys that that defend brokerage firms are savvy and you’ll need a fierce advocate to represent your best interests.

Depending on the circumstances, a dispute will either result in Arbitration or Mediation. The former closely parallels a trial that would take place in a United States court. The state of Florida has specific narrowly tailored guidelines for arbitration that change the landscape of the field. In other states, individuals with no license to practice law can provide advice to disputant investors for a fee. Arrangements of this nature are banned in Florida. In addition to this, arbitrators can include reasonable attorneys fees as part of the settlement for the receiving party. Before any type of settlement is awarded, the facts are reviewed. The process requires an initiation (commencement) , a statement of claim, examination of witnesses and presentation of evidence.

The Hanley Law is a South Florida based firm with the FINRA experience and insight needed to successfully secure a settlement on your behalf. The firms history with the security industry precedes the creation of FINRA. Whether your investments were poorly handled or you were the victim of stock fraud, Hanley Law offers a free case evaluation to determine the best course of action for you.

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