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FINRA Issues Article Titled Before You Invest, Suitability: What Investors Need to Know

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued an article titled Suitability: What Investors Need to Know which provides investors with a guide to understanding their investment profile.

FINRA’s suitability rule (FINRA Rule 2111) is based on the requirement that brokerage firms and their brokers, financial advisers or financial consultants deal fairly with their customers. In compliance with FINRA’s suitability rule (FINRA Rule 2111) brokerage firms and their associated persons “must have a reasonable basis to believe” that a transaction or investment strategy involving securities is suitable for the customer prior to making such a recommendation. The firm’s reasonable belief must be based on information obtained through the brokerage firm’s obligation to recommend securities or transactions that are suitable for the investor based on the investor’s:

  • age
    • other investments
    • annual income
    • liquid net worth
    • tax status
    • investment objectives
    • investment experience
    • expected time to reach financial goal
    • liquidity needs
    • risk tolerance

To help ensure that investors receive suitable investment advice, firms and their associated persons are required to diligently learn about a customer’s investment profile before recommending a transaction or investment strategy. Therefore, the suitability rule places an obligation on the brokerage firm and the firm’s associated person(s) to seek information from the customer prior to recommending a security or transaction.

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