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FINRA- Before You Invest, Working With Your Investment Professional

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued an article titled Working With Your Investment Professional which provides tips to promote a productive relationship between customers and financial advisors.

FINRA has identified the following 10 tips for customers:

  1. Review the background of any investment professionals you work with or are considering working with. This can be done by using FINRA’s BrokerCheck.
    2. Be clear in your investment goals and risk tolerance with your financial advisor.
    3. Prior to investing, research the product.
    4. Discuss fees with your financial advisor. Fees include commissions, costs associated with the sale of an investment, or management charges.
    5. Review and retain you monthly account statements, confirmations and other correspondence.
    6. Contact your financial advisor immediately if you have questions or concerns about an investment. Additionally, contact the firm’s compliance department if you are unhappy with you financial advisor’s response.
    7. Be wary of exaggerated claims about an investment.
    8. Be wary of financial advisors who pressure you to invest quickly or do not provide you sufficient information about the investment.
    9. Never send money to a firm or financial advisor that you are hearing from for the first time.
    10. Contact the firm’s compliance department in writing if you suspect improper business conduct. Additionally, retain a copy of your complaint and in responses the firm sends.

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